Reactivate your incoming Account

  1. Create a new address
  2. Log into with your account
  3. Locate the verification code in your old mailbox
    • subject line : Final Notice and Validation Code
    • Please check your spam folder for forwarding links and validation codes
  4. Visit and input your full email address and where you’d like it to forward to. Complete the captcha and click submit. You will be prompted for the verification code.
  5. Click the confirmation link in your mailbox to confirm ownership of the account.
  6. Wait 10 minutes and the account will be reactivated.


If you want to keep your old mail you are running out of time to migrate it off the old platform. Sometime near the end of July the current mail storage will be PERMANENTLY DELETED.


1. download your mail (pop3) or IMAP it to another gmail account.

2. use a service like bit titan.

3. hire a consultant.

4. can migrate it, but due to high demand the pricing is $300 per migration.